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NTN/SNR Readybooster Compact automatic lubricator that mounts in place of a grease nipple to dispence grease over a required period up to 12 months constant. The unit can also be stopped when not required!. Contains a good quality Lithium calcium grease perfect for general industrial and agricultural uses. Unit will operate in -20C to +60C, and the grease has an operating temperature of -25c - +130C.  No restriction on mounting, can even be used upside down. Ideal for : Agricultural equipment, handling equipment, general mechanical devices, low-power electric motors, etc.


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Welcome Marksman Industrial Ltd.

Marksman Industrial are a family run distributor located in Aldershot on the Surrey & Hampshire borders. 

Since 2004 We have been supplying quality bearings & belts, chain, sprockets, pulleys & wheels for many uses including agricultural & waste management machinery, industrial maintenance and production, HVAC fan drives and military/defence contractors.

We also have 2 specialist divisions, for Motorcycle wheel, suspension & steering bearings and offering replacement drive belts for garden tractors. 
We focus on competitive pricing with customer service and look If you dont see what you're looking for call us on: 

01252 345 455